Sharing stories

I have now completed 4 films for the stroke association. Its been an amazing experience meeting so many incredible people, and with 2 more films in the pipeline, I am very happy with what’s been achieved.

making great stories

Ive spent the last few months working for an incredible charity. I have created 3 videos, with a 4th in the edit stage and another 2 being filmed very soon.

Its been challenging and emotional, and they will soon be on line once they are I’ll post links to the finished films.

Busy busy busy

Been very busy working for a national charity that provides support to stroke survivors. Its been moving and emotional, the results are terrific, and there’s more to follow, already created 2 films, and a further 4 in the pipeline.

Nottingham University Hospitals

I had a great time directing this video. It is amazing to see the work the NHS does in Nottingham.

I met many amazing passionate people, and even better just been commissioned to make another program for them.

Sign off!

When the feedback on the video you spent over a month putting together included a comment XXXX loved it!, you do a little dance inside and a fist pump. Yes your knew it was going well and looked good but that kind of feed back makes it all worth while.

down south

Directed this, with filming in and around Eastbourne.

Greta fun lovely people. Used the Osmo to get some movement, but most of the time the Cannon C100, all interviews lit with a DLED 4, dedolight, with a soft box..

Hard at work

A big project locally but sadly can’t say who for. @ days filming over 3 sites 24 interviews’ and some B roll, all shot fly on the wall style.

very good end result, hope to post it soon