Im on cloud 9!

I passed my flight assessment for flying drones under 7 KG, on Sunday. Once they final paperwork is submitted i will be available for commercial filming and stills under the Hawk UAV label, working with Steve and Martin Pentleton.

Its been a long journey, but fun and the benefits of aerial shots speak for themselves.

Working with Presenters

Its great to work with a presenter. I love to write the script then see it brought to life. Writing to speak, rather than read is a skill, which fortunately I have. This script originally written by the client was then tweaked by me specifically for Carol. We then worked on the shot list chosen the best place and the best way to capture what we wanted. Using the Move rig gave us freedom of movement, and we could achieve it quickly in an environment where traditional tracking would have been time consuming and difficult to set up with all those kids around.