What I can do for You


Hello there, so what can I do for you?

I have worked with presenters and actors, from short drama pieces for the NHS, to the re enactments of incidents and near hits for health and safety training in the quarrying industries.

A leading department stores “In store” staff, not actors were persuaded by me to dance in the aisles, smile and look happy for an internal communications video about their new uniform!

I have conducted interviews with company CEO’s, the public and members of staff from companies large and small, around the globe.

My work has often taken me overseas, with trips to Japan, the USA, Bermuda, Sweden, Geneva, Barcelona, Paris, and Brussels, to name a few, and I am always ready willing and able to go where the work takes me.

I am a creative, well-motivated and flexible individual who can work well under pressure. I am a good motivator of others, both crews and talent, I can think on my feet, quickly solve problems and I have excellent communications skills.

Above all else though, I care about the end result and my passion and commitment to doing the best I can whatever the circumstances, is clear for all to see.

Daily rates are negotiable depending on project length etc, do call to discuss your requirements


Possibly the nicest chap you could ever work with