Keeping safe

A short video I wrote directed edited and voiced!. Being versatile is one of my key skills. But why did I do it this way, a tight budget but high expectations.  A great video well received that does what it says on the tin. Filming this close to central London with a drone was a challenge, but well met by Steve Pentleton, even going so far as to issue a notice to airmen, so anyone in the area knew who we were, what we were doing and why.

I won!

It’s always nice to be recognised for your efforts.

Business video experts are an amazing company and I do a lot with them. This video was entered in the video awards for the Entrepreneur Circle. It won best business video, which meant not only was it a great video, but it achieved results and became an excellent return on investment. For me, it was a wonderful experience, and I am so pleased with the end result.

A new year, a fresh start

At the beginning of a new year, we can feel optimistic. That’s how I feel today, looking forward, what can I do differently, how can I make better films.

I always look for a way to get some extra magic in what I do, new shots new techniques and so a better end result. If your passionate about filmmaking let me help you make it better.

Busy Busy Busy

September was busy and October will be even busier. Already shot a training film for packaging machines, and a studio shoot with a presenter. Filming 3 different kids nurseries including interviews with staff and parents. Moving on to October sees me directing a health and safety film at a number of locations across the UK, followed immediately by the edit. Variety is certainly the spice of life and there’s plenty for me to get my teeth into.

I’ll drink to that

I was hired by Top Banana, to direct a short at the Bombay Sapphire distillery in Laverstoke.

An amazing location and great people, we filmed the making of a cocktail then a couple of interviews. I worked with an amazing crew, Robin Couthard on Camera, and the lovely Simon Rhodes on sound.

It was a rather nice day, and the cocktail was superb!

Im on cloud 9!

I passed my flight assessment for flying drones under 7 KG, on Sunday. Once they final paperwork is submitted i will be available for commercial filming and stills under the Hawk UAV label, working with Steve and Martin Pentleton.

Its been a long journey, but fun and the benefits of aerial shots speak for themselves.

Working with Presenters

Its great to work with a presenter. I love to write the script then see it brought to life. Writing to speak, rather than read is a skill, which fortunately I have. This script originally written by the client was then tweaked by me specifically for Carol. We then worked on the shot list chosen the best place and the best way to capture what we wanted. Using the Move rig gave us freedom of movement, and we could achieve it quickly in an environment where traditional tracking would have been time consuming and difficult to set up with all those kids around.



I filmed this interview in 2016. Zak has now kindly agreed for it to go public. I went out there filming a variety of interviews, self shooting with the GH4 and some prime lenses, keeping the lighting simple just using available light and a small LED key light.

It was a real privilege to interview Zak he is a great guy and we had a great time. The location is a converted railway station and they were so helpful. I cant thank them enough.


Spent Friday in London filming pieces to camera, with 2 presenters. The second an impressionist did a very funny Clarkson!

Short Films

Having written two short films I am now in the early stages of rehearsals with the 2 main characters…

keep your eyes open, the theme is physical abuse in a relationship, in this case the man is the victim…